We are proud to have PINCHO GARDEN RESTAURANT & STEAK BOUTIQUE as a Member in the Williiburger-Club. Pinchos is a unque concept from south America.

To us it is a honnor to enrich the excellent choice of meet skewers and steaks with the Williburger.

We are located in “The Lunapark Building,” the famous monumental building considered Curaçao’s very own “wall of China.”

Absolutely no dress code or table protocol is required here at Pincho Garden. Please, just feel right at home.

Our specialty is the espetada, which is originally from the island of Madeira.

Espetadas are one-meter long skewers loaded with the meat of your choice, hanging right in front of you at your table.

We serve many kinds of skewers made of high-quality meat, such as:

Lomito (beef tenderloin)

Hanging Tenders, which we are famous for

Picaña (beef with a Brazilian cut)


Pork Tenderloin

Argentinian Chorizo



...and of corse the famous Williburger

Nowadays we also have our steak section, and are proud to say that we sell the best quality meat on the island!

We have certified angus Ribeye, Striploin, T-Bone steak and much more!

For a more detailed view of our menu and restaurant, we welcome you to visit our Facebook page.

Prepare yourself for a time-travel experience, enjoying a great meal.

Open daily, from Monday thru Sunday

Caracasbaaiweg 214
Cascoraweg 44

T: +(5999)840 2810

T: +(5999) 788 0034

M: +(5999) 528 0034

M: +(5999) 528 1234